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LANG Worldwide Moving has a selected range of first-class packaging materials. Our packers constantly receive new training, and are used to packaging your goods and possessions into the designated containers professionally and quickly. We place high importance on ensuring that your goods are sufficiently protected, as the majority of damages during relocation can be traced back to improper or insufficient packaging. We will manufacture custom boxes out of wood for your ‘particularly sensitive goods’, if you require. Please make your relocation advisor aware of any particularly important objects to be moved.

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Naturally, our employees do everything to ensure that the question of insurance does not arise. Should damage occur during transport executed by LANG Worldwide Moving in spite of this, you will be automatically covered by the following compulsory insurance and we will handle the entire claim settlement process on your behalf:
1. Removal Firm Insurance (RFI): should damages occur to goods during transport executed by LANG Worldwide Moving, there is the possibility to claim for this damage to a limited extent under coverage provided by our removal firm insurance.
2. Liability Insurance: if other damage (to buildings, vehicles, lifts etc.) is caused during the execution of LANG Worldwide Moving activities, these damages are covered by our business liability insurance.
As a result of the aforementioned limitations under section 1), we recommend taking out All Risk Transport Insurance in every case, which we will offer to you from a first-class, intermediary insurance company. Your relocation advisor will happily advise you on this matter. A requirement for the insurance is that packing is done by LANG Worldwide Moving.

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Customs Clearance

With regard to relocating abroad (outside of the EU), LANG Worldwide Moving will handle all customs formalities on your behalf. We will provide the necessary documents to you, if possible, and your relocation advisor will support you in the completion of the paperwork. Some countries require that you are personally present for customs clearance. Power of attorney for us or our agents is generally sufficient for the majority of countries.

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