Your Satisfaction is our Goal.

What is the best way to move from A to B? The answer is very simple: with the professionals, the quality removal firm LANG Worldwide Moving!

Only then is guaranteed that every single detail is considered form the start – regardless as to whether it concerns private removals, international relocation or transporting bulky goods.

Quality has History.

The Lang name has more than 90 years of excellent service in removals, relocation, transport, special transport and storing goods.

Since 1926, we have successfully provided service to customers around the world, and we have consequently become one of the biggest providers in Austria.

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Our Team

Relocation is a matter of trust! With LANG Worldwide Moving, the customer is at the centre. We know that an imminent move is associated with effort, stress and time.

Personal engagement as well as flexible and competent customer care is the most important thing to us.

Costs for the Relocation Service

As a professional removal firm, we can only give you a quote after first considering your residence/office, as then it becomes clear exactly how much effort is required, how sensitive the furniture or office devices are, and which service will suit you best.