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At LANG Worldwide Moving, we focus on people. We know that the upcoming relocation will bring you a lot of effort, stress and time. Personal commitment, flexible and competent support of our customers are the most important things to us.

We move companies.
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We want your first moments in your new home to be as pleasant as possible.
Libraries and archives
Structure and preservation of your archive system.
We ensure that sensitive equipment is dismantled professionally, transported in ...
We carry out the professional dismantling of your IT infrastructure for you, bot ...
Your move is a special challenge for you, especially as a small company.
Relocation planning
More than transporting your goods from A to B.
Additional services
Tailored to your needs.

Current projects

Renowned large companies and well-known Austrian and international institutions rely 100% on the family company, which is managed by Karin Lang in the fourth generation. Since 1912 we have been working successfully for our customers all over the world and have become one of the largest providers in Austria.

Bella Italia, the south is calling!
Bella Italia, the south is calling!
Bella Italia, the south is calling For our partner we moved a family with 40 m3 of removal goods from the Vienna UN area to Italy. A full service from Spedition Lang. From the top floor in the city centre with a view over Vienna, the removal goods were carried professionally and with the necessary…
2 sisters from the past to the future
2 sisters from the past to the future
From an old Biedermeier house into a newly built building, it goes for the 2 sisters and their husbands. Exciting for them as this is their first move in years. We were tasked with packing and transporting all the household goods. In addition to everyday items, treasured memories have accumulated over the years. This was…
Private relocation: America, here we come!
Private relocation: America, here we come!
Often, entire continents lie between the old and the new home. It hardly needs to be mentioned here that relocation is no walk in the park for emigrants. After all, it is just as complex as one imagines the relocation with child and children to a faraway country to be. In our case, it was…
Technical Museum Vienna
Technical Museum Vienna
Four new walls for the love of technology As Austria’s largest museum of technology, the Technical Museum in Vienna sees itself as a place of social learning and discourse that builds bridges between science, education, business and society. A fine mission, which we were able to actively support in the course of in-house renovation work…
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
In several phases, three institutes of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna were relocated to the third district of Vienna. In total, we were not only responsible for the relocation of more than 380cbm of office moving goods for the institutes Elak, Keyboard Instruments and Film Academy, but also for the transport of…
“Vienna, only you!” – Private move
“Vienna, only you!” – Private move
Timing is everything Finding the perfect timing for the completion of the move was a special challenge for this move. The goal was to complete the move on the 3rd day in 1100 Vienna, which turned out to be not so easy due to the size of the household. However, through personal consultation and good…