Start of a new life adventure – family relocation

We know: Moving is a matter of trust. Therefore, we are pleased to have successfully accompanied another international private move. In a very tight schedule of only 2 days for the packing of the complete household of the family of 5, 10 of our packing technicians made sure that the moving goods were sufficiently protected…

Library relocation Vienna Chamber of Commerce

We were responsible for moving more than 900 running meters of books in various formats for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. The exact adherence to the sorting order of the libraries was of particular relevance. In more than 10 truck loads and with the use of more than 300 Flexboxes, 80 Smart Carts and 60…

Workshops HTL Bulme Graz

As a competent partner for heavy transports, we were entrusted with the 21-day relocation of workshops of the HTL-Bulme in Graz. This move included workbenches, tools, motors, electronic accessories and small machines for metal processing. In order to carry out this move, both a 4-ton and a 12-ton forklift were used. The structural changes necessary…

Carton Transport Finance Authority Vienna

We were contracted by the Vienna Finance Authority to transport over 600 cartons from 1030 Vienna to 1110 Vienna. The task was to size the loose cartons on pallets, to stabilize them and to prepare them for long-term storage. In order to carry out this transport as efficiently as possible, the loading was done by…

Headquarters Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG

For RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG (RWA), the wholesale and service company of the warehouse cooperatives in Austria, we were responsible for the relocation of around 500 employee positions of the company headquarters. Thanks to the detailed pre-planning of this project, we were able to implement the main move to the new location in Korneuburg…

Art transport for the Artothek of the Federation

For the Artothek des Bundes in Belvedere 21 we were responsible for the disassembly, assembly, packaging and transport of various paintings. A special packaging in Tyvek foil with frame protection was used for the safe handling of the delicate transport goods. Furthermore, the packing was carried out by packing personnel specially trained by the Artothek.…

MAN Truck & Bus Vertrieb Österreich GmbH

When moving our customers’ offices in the 23rd district of Vienna, more than 110 employees changed their place of work. The associated work equipment was moved by our employees in more than 1,000 moving boxes and handy roll containers. Another highlight was the more than 1,000 running meters of archive. When packing and unpacking, particular…

Organ console Stephansdom

Shortly after the morning fair, a special order was waiting for our specialists from the Lang Moving team. In 2020 the new organ of St. Stephen’s Cathedral will be inaugurated after renovation work. In order to bring visitors and churchgoers closer to the complex equipment of a gaming table for operating the large instruments, one…

ELRA Standortverlegung Wien – Jois

Für Elra, dem Anbieter von hochwertiger Präzisionsfeinmechanik im Bereich von Antriebslösungen und Motoren, konnten wir im Zuge des 10 Tage andauernden Umzuges nicht nur Messgeräte und Büromöbel umziehen, sondern auch Großmaschinen aus der Produktion. Den Mitarbeitern des Unternehmens wurden vorab Packmaterialien, Paletten sowie Boxen und Wannen für einen smarten rollenden Umzug gestellt. Heikle Maschinen und…

Meiller GmbH

During the move of Meiller GmbH from the Waidhofen and Asten locations to the new company premises in Oed, Lang Moving was responsible for the relocation of the entire office, workshop and storage space. The following relocation quantities and services were provided: Moving quantities warehouse relocation Heavy transport 8 tons and 12 tons machine by…

Cemm Molecular Medicine Research Center

Transport of virus samples in special containers filled with dry ice. The transport was carried out in compliance with the timed cold chain and the dangerous goods guidelines on the part of the dangerous goods officer.

Karl Franzens University Graz

Relocation of the stone collection of the University of Graz to the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Carrying out the packaging, transporting the stone collection packed in shop cabinets.

Vienna Chamber of Commerce

In February 2019, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce moved from 3 locations within Vienna to 1 central location, the “House of Viennese Business” in Vienna’s 2nd district. Lang Moving provided support in the following areas: Employee relocation Warehouse relocation Printing types Registry Library

District Court of Urfahr

The BG Urfahr was relocated within Linz. Difficult conditions due to a narrow stairwell and no lift did not delay the move. The move was completed to the fullest satisfaction within 2 days.


In a total of 4 steps, Laudamotion was relocated within Vienna Airport to Schwechat. Particular attention was paid to confidential files. Another challenge was that a crisis room had to be moved within an hour.

Headquarters D. Swarovski LG

The headquarters of D. Swarovski KG was moved to Wattens. Particular attention was paid to a huge small parts warehouse, a fabric warehouse and a wide variety of laboratory equipment. Despite the time pressure, the move was carried out without difficulty.

Young&Rubicam Vienna GmbH

Young & Rubicam was moved from 1010 Vienna to 1060 Vienna. Fourth floor, a small lift at the loading and unloading point and numerous USM-Haller furniture presented the greatest challenges. Customer satisfaction was guaranteed by a clean and, above all, quiet work.