Don’t hang your head: This is how the move with plants works out
April 2021

Don’t hang your head: This is how the move with plants works out

As an gardener, is it particularly painful for you to have to leave your heliophilic friends behind when you move into your old home? Then we have good news for you: there is no reason to part with your beloved plants. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about potted plants, delicate garden shrubs or rooted trees.

Still, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. After all, a new environment is not only a matter of adaptation for us humans: even when settling plants, things can go wrong if they are not competently cared for along the way. We reveal the most important tips and tricks for moving with plants:

  • Take precautions with the right packaging: tie the branches of overhanging plants together or fill spaces between potted plants in boxes with bubble wrap or newspaper. This will ensure that your plants do not suffer unnecessary damage.
  • The time of year is a factor in success: long-distance transport in winter, for example, can be particularly challenging for heat-loving plants.
  • Depending on how long your plants are traveling: Make sure they get enough water before transport to survive it well.
  • Always load large or delicate houseplants into the van last. This will prevent them from unnecessarily enduring harsh or unseasonable weather, or having to remain outdoors for too long.
  • Propagate instead of transplanting: You have the possibility to cut cuttings and use them in the new garden? Make use of it!
  • Perennials can also be divided in advance, transported separately and replanted together at the new location.

As part of our moving service, we offer temporary storage and expert care for your plants, taking care of their well-being so they can take root in their new home.

We would be happy to provide you with more information and help you plan the move with your plants!