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Technical Museum Vienna

Four new walls for the love of technology

As Austria’s largest museum of technology, the Technical Museum in Vienna sees itself as a place of social learning and discourse that builds bridges between science, education, business and society. A fine mission, which we were able to actively support in the course of in-house renovation work on the office premises in the 14th district.

This included not only the disassembly and assembly of tables, boxes, pin boards and other equipment, but also the professional temporary storage of all furniture.

In individual stages, furniture, inventory and numerous boxes were removed from the offices for renovation work and moved to corridors on the respective floors. These could be optimally used for temporary storage.

After everything had been sorted, labeled and stored in stages, it was then returned to the original premises. Within a volume of around 300 cubic meters, work was done, packed, carried, categorized, and everything was done to ensure a quick, smooth, and relaxed renovation for the entire team.

Photos © Bwag/Commons

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