Private relocation: America, here we come! Private relocation: America, here we come!

Private relocation: America, here we come!

Often, entire continents lie between the old and the new home.

It hardly needs to be mentioned here that relocation is no walk in the park for emigrants. After all, it is just as complex as one imagines the relocation with child and children to a faraway country to be.

In our case, it was the relocation of the new ORF correspondent in Washington from Vienna to Washington. Our biggest challenge: completing the move before school started in the new city. Due to a container bottleneck caused by corona, as well as the assembly and photo documentation for the furniture assembly team in America, the execution of the project became a close race, which we were finally able to win.

It is all the more rewarding for us when our customers are also completely happy and satisfied with our service. These are the moments that compensate us for any hurdles. Balm for the soul that we want to share:

“Many thanks to all of you and your staff for the great service during the course of our move to Washington. Everything worked out wonderfully from start to finish. We are very happy that the container arrived in time for the start of school next week and the first night – after almost 7 weeks – in our own bed was just wonderful.”

And we would also like to thank: For the trust and the good cooperation that make projects like this so special.

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