December 2019

Training Nippon Express

Together with our customer Nippon Express, a global logistics company from Japan based at Vienna Airport, we received training in November 2019 in Japanese versions of the packaging of moving goods.

Packmaster from Tokyo

Mr. Sato, Packmaster from Tokyo, demonstrated his versions of the packaging. The content of this training was how the removal goods are packaged in Japan, which packaging material is used in Japan, and especially the packaging technology in Japan.

The following packing steps were demonstrated in the course of this training using practical examples:

  • Packaging of glass and dishes
  • Correct finishing of glass and porcelain in moving boxes
  • Packaging of individual pieces of furniture (table, box, etc.,)
  • Other packaging materials

In Japan, tissue paper is not used for packaging crockery and porcelain as we do, but rather a somewhat stiffer packaging paper that is smaller in size.

A special form of wrapping paper is used for the packaging of furniture, roundings and corners of the furniture are protected by cut boxes. With us, however, classic packaging would be provided using a laminated bubble wrap.

Lang forwarding services

We are responsible for our customer Nippon Express for the following upstream and downstream services for Japanese people moving to or from Vienna:

  • packaging
  • Loading and
  • Transport to the airport or delivery and import
  • unpacking